LVMG is a Swiss Investment company with exclusive focus on the real estate small caps niche market

LVMG seeks to be a long-term shareholder, preferably over a 100 years time horizon in a select number of first-class real estate assets. Our permanent capital structure allows us to support family controlled & operated REIT’s in the successful execution of their long-term growth strategy.

"Our motto: Buy smart and never Sell™"
— Raphaël Hubin, CEO and Founder of LVMG Advisory

Our main guidelines for the core portfolio are :

  • Minority stake holder in European Real Estate Companies
  • Concentrated portfolio strategy < 20 participations
  • Firms in which the Founder, CEO or his family own at least 25% of the capital
  • Companies with LTV < 50% of their assets
  • Minimum size / investment: CHF 1 Million
  • Maximum size / investment: CHF 15 Millions

Minimum Family Share

Maximum LTV / Assets ratio

Maximum / investment

Our main partners are based in Switzerland and Europe

  • Banks and brokers for our real estate research and OTC transactions.
  • Family offices and External Asset Managers who exclusively deal with qualified investors.
  • LVMG Advisory for research, rates, database mining and administrative support.

LVMG is exclusively dedicated to qualified investors who can be defined as:

  • Regulated financial intermediaries such as banks, insurance companies, fund management companies and asset managers of collective investment schemes.
  • Public entities and retirement benefits institutions with professional treasury operations.
  • Companies with professional treasury operations (single family offices organized in corporate form will generally qualify).
  • Independent (unregulated) asset managers who act under discretionary management mandates for HNW individuals who have each opted to be considered as Qualified Investors.
  • HNW individuals who qualify as sophisticated investors (proven financial experience + holding CHF 0.5million of financial assets or holding at least CHF 5 million of financial assets) LVMG apply the Swiss legislation on collective investment schemes (CISA and CISO).

Our core values are the essence of our name

“Back in 1999 when I registered LVMG®, it was founded upon four pillars which have ever since been the guiding principals of my work ethic: Loyalty, Vision, Motivation and Gratitude. 20 years on these key values remain more than ever at the heart of LVMG. This long-term investment philosophy has given birth to LVMG SA in 2018” . Raphaël Hubin, CEO and Founder of LVMG Advisory

Qualified investors and partners can contact us by phone or via our website.

Our administration office will be happy to direct you about advanced inquiries and to address you to our expert office: